About Leeton Lee

Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander  artist Leeton Lee is a descendent of Bundjalung and Thunghutti  tribes in  NSW and the  Mualgal tribe of Moa Island  located in the Torres Strait Islands.

Leeton uses acrylic mediums with luminescence to create a glow in the dark effect as well as 3 dimensional paintings to create an extra element of uniqueness to his art. His paintings are a mix of earth colours of the land as well as salt water colours of the sea and modern colours also.

Leeton began his painting journey in early 2013 and he is developing his art continually. His paintings are both stories that have been told to him and stories of his personal journey.

More recently Leeton has been reproducing his artwork onto fabrics, clothing, bookmarks, greeting cards and homewares.  

Leeton is on a life journey to revitalise his culture and learn the old ways of making weapons, tools and instruments as well as Bush medicine, foods, tracking and using natural materials to make string, baskets, fish traps and shelters.

Working with youth through various organizations and schools he hopes to continue knowledge and culture for the next generation, one positive experience at a time. Making artefacts and producing one of a kind items brings a special connections to the item being made. "It is a time to sit deep in though about those ancestors whom performed the same processes"Artefacts can take anywhere from 1 week to several weeks to make.
‘’ Everything I do is part of my own dreaming and journey, honouring him whom created all and I am hopefully creating something beyond the physical whether it be community, discussion, connection, understanding or positive experiences.’’